As you may have noticed, I am trying to raise money to record, press, distribute and promote my upcoming record with a campaign I have crassly named “F**K Kickstarter.” When people see this, many assume that I am just being flippant. Others want to know what I have against Kickstarter, Pledge Music, Indiegogo, or any of the other fundraising platforms that artists have been using over the last few years to raise money for their projects. My answer is very simple: I don't have anything against these fundraising platforms. But, I would like to prove to artists, especially aspiring artists, that they can succeed in their art without having to give up a pound of flesh for every penny they need to complete their projects. There is an alarming trend in music in which the people who are providing the platforms in which music is distributed are making the lion's share of the money while the musicians, who spend countless hours working on their craft and building up the courage to perform it, while spending a small fortune to record and distribute it, get the leftover crumbs of a pie that they made the recipe for, prepared and baked themselves. Yet, without the music that we create, these platforms would be nothing but useless websites. Unfortunately, this trend in the music industry is merely a microcosm of the world at large, where worker's wages remain stagnant in the US and abroad and CEO's make hundreds of millions sitting at a desk while teenage kids in the Third World are paid pennies making the product their corporations sells. If you want to create change in this world, you have to take action and the simplest, easiest way to take action in today's world is to live by example and be conscious of where you are spending your hard earned dollar. We are the people, and we have more power than we give ourselves credit for. While my little F**K Kickstarter Campaign will surely not change the world, by reaching my goal I hope to nudge it in the right direction and possibly inspire other artists to take ownership of their work instead of giving it away for far less than it is worth. Joe Stummer was right: “People CAN change anything.”



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