Released December 2002

Formerly the leader of the band Wide Load Joad, June recorded this new album with his group, The Dirty Doves, after just 5 shows. It's a suprisingly mature effort, with alt-country overtones but a scruffy charm all its own. A Bergen county native who now lives in Hoboken, June has a ragged but expressive voice that's perfect for his earnest songwriting. the leadoff track, "New York Radio," has the hyper, romantic feel of early Springsteen. "Somewhere across the Hudson in the heart of a small town/People shuffle their feet some are trying hard to get out/ jukeboxes in the bars are all broken and bust down/ There ain't nobody listening," June sings over a brisk beat. The bands uninhibited swagger makes the song work, and Bob Miano's pedal-steel guitar solo adds a truly distinctive touch. "Burgundy and Brown" is another reckless rock tune, though most of this seven-track album is slower and moodier, without suffering from aloss of intensity. June's voice never loses that yearning edge, and the perfectly named Dirty Doves back him with grit and grace." Newark Star Ledger

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